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Dental Implants- Five Things You May Not Know

  How much do you know about dental implants?  With the increasing popularity and availability of dental implant surgery worldwide, patients are gaining more and more knowledge about dental implants every day. But did you know these five important facts? 1. Dental implants are appropriate for almost all ages.  Not just for the elderly, dental […]

Dental Checkups – How Important Are They

  We know that for most people, going to the dentist’s office is not high on their list of favorite things to do.  A visit to the dentist takes up valuable time in our busy, modern schedules! So we are not surprised that we hear this question time and time again from our patients: “Is […]

Diabetes and Oral Health – A Two-Way Street

  If you, a friend or a family member have diabetes, you may have heard that this common disease increases a person’s risk of gum disease and other oral health problems.  But did you know that this relationship is a mutually distressing one?  Not only does diabetes make gum disease worse, but gum disease can […]